Freelance copywriting online or print

What do you get when you cross a consulting engineer with a freelance copywriter?

A freelance commercial writer that digs into the details needed to generate effective marketing copy and other content and delivers it on time. 

A fresh perspective often clarifies marketing messages or uncovers a new approach to selling your products or services.  Write Advantage Inc. draws on a broad business and technical background to provide you freelance copywriting support resulting in benefit-oriented copy for use in marketing collateral in print and online.  Find out what types of copywriting projects, web site copy, and Internet marketing projects I work on with clients.

Write Advantage Inc. works primarily - but not exclusively - with tech companies that sell products or services in B2B markets.  If you're like most tech companies, your marketing materials are written by the experts in your company - the engineers or scientists.  This gives your potential customers accurate information but often no solid reasons to buy.  Having a freelance commercial writer or copywriter work with your technical staff assures accuracy and improves the clarity and persuasiveness of your marketing materials including

  • white papers
  • web sites
  • landing pages
  • brochures
  • direct marketing packages

A freelance commercial writer with a technical background and training in writing persuasive sales collateral and web content gives you an advantage. 

Copy that is accurate AND sells.  Whether you're generating leads or making a sale, Write Advantage Inc. assures that your marketing information highlights the benefits of doing business with you and contains a call to action.  Your prospect will never be left wondering what to do next.

Write Advantage Inc. works with businesses of all sizes from independent professionals to Fortune 500 companies.  Clients were awarded multi-year general schedule contracts, added customers in new geographic locations, and received multi-million dollar government contracts as a result of marketing and sales information written by or collaborated on with Write Advantage Inc.

Find out if hiring a freelance copywriter and working with Write Advantage Inc. is right for your business by visiting Freelance Clients. If you're looking for some ideas to improve your copywriting or marketing materials, visit Articles and Tips - this page is regularly updated so visit often!

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